Why Motor slow down after 5 min?

Hi all ,

I have

  • Similar to skywalker plane ,
  • Pixhack flight controller
  • Arduplane 3.4 firmware.
  • O.S Motor OMA-5020-490
  • Li-ion Panasonic 3400mah 18650 battery (5*6 cells).
  • Dualsky ESC 80A.

The problem is when I test the full throttle motor with full battery 24.6V it start with with good thrust.

After 5 min the motor is slow down to the middle and continue in that position , when I reduce throttle by RC to 0 and then full it return back to good throttle for few minuets about 5 min then slow to the middle.

I don’t know what is the reason of that ?

When I try using Li-po battery I get the same thing maybe worst after about 10 min the throttle is down to zero.

Hope I can find any solution for my problem…

Is the % throttle reducing over time, or is it just the amount of thrust? Post a graph of you throttle % (CH3%), voltage, and current.

I suspect this is battery related.

most likely you are drawing too much current for the battery and it is overheating

I have had some experience with the big lithium Ion battery’s and they do not perform well at high current draw.

If you have a look at your logs you will probably see that the voltage drops greatly when under load.
Do you have a voltage failsafe set and what voltage?

@iskess I will do that and post the graph here ,
but I need to know the voltage and current in the log file under which group logs ? coz I found many items in the log list information ?


@tridge ,
Is that mean the problem in ESC or Battery ?
How I know the best ESC and Battery for my motor.

@mboland ,

what is the recommended battery ?
I test Li-Po also the same problem it is reduce then off ,
I am disabling the throttle failsafe until I solve my problem …

Regards .

Check the CURR message in your logs, or even simpler, post a log of your flight here