Why doesn't work ardupilot build 'make px4-v2-hexa'

I want to build ardupilot for hexacopter…
I setted up ubuntu develop env… and build px4-v2 and It succeeded…
I tried to build for hexacopter ‘px4-v2-hexa’ but it failed and returned message ‘No rule to make target px4-v2-hexa’…
How do I build ardupilot for hexa and other type copter??

There is no need to specify hexacopter frame, just build px4-v2

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Thanks a lot…
so… How can I upload firmware on each copter type?
Doesn’t it necessary to assort??

You didnt read it,


I have a plane, so I cant test it, just upload firmware and change this param I guess.

Where did you find the instructions which (a) told you to use make and (b)
told you to use a target which hasn’t existed for a year?

We’d like to kill that documentation :slight_smile: