Why do you check PIDP.I to check the CoG of the plane?

I read the document related to CoG in Wiki.

Wiki tells me to check if CoG is appropriate through I in PIDP, but why is it I, not P and D?

It’s simple math. Only from the integral of a curve you can read whether it runs more above or below the zero line.

To conclude from the PIDP.I to the adequacy of the CG as the WIKI might falsely make you believe is daring. Sure, the PIDP.I depends on CG-Position but certainly not on the appropriateness of the CG due to the PIDP.I depends not only on CG and SERVOx_TRIM, it ist also influenced by the mechanical servo linkage, the difference in incidence angel between wings and horizontal stabilizer, the airspeed, changes in weight, the AHRS_TRIM_Y value or the Prop shaft inclination for example.


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