Which RC to chose?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know a simple thing : what is the most commonly used RC with Ardupilot ?
I have read the documentation, but they does not recommand anything.
For example, I used to fly with Spektrum, but I have some problems with it (RC loss happens regularly).

In short, which RC system do you recommand ?

Good day, me im using as rc the taranis x9d plus, but you can look also for the taranis qx7s…, both are with open tx firmwares and the setup it’s simple.
just be sure the version you need coz there are two versions… if you are in Europe you. must check for EU version and EU receivers… for other countries you must check the correct firmwares as for receivers
As receiver you can use the the frsky series… x8r…x4rsb… etc

A Radiomaster TX16S. Out of the box it will bind to most RC systems including your Spectrum Rx’s. Won’t to Frsky ACCESS but all ACCST Rx’s. Brilliant Transmitter.

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I started with a futaba 16sz but then moved to a frysky horus 10xs. I found the frysky has much better features than my futaba.

Also open tx is awesome on the frysky radio

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Indeed it is. …

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One more vote for an OpenTX radio.

ArduPilot users will be able to run the incredible yaapu Telemetry. link

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FlySky TH9x with an AR9x main board running OpenTX, FrSky XJT transmitter module, X8R receiver.
FrSky X9e running OpenTX…
FrSky Qx7 running OpenTX.
Jumper T16 Pro Hall running OpenTX.

For telemetry I run Craft&Theory Flight Deck and Yaapu. Yaapu is awesome on a Jumper/Radiomaster/RadioKing X10 clone…

I think the only Craft & Theory left around is a Salon in New Jersey.

They have been closed since the pandemic started.

I have used Flight Deck since the early days before the pass through protocol was added to ArduPilot. Back then I had to run a custom version of the firmware.

I still run it on my X9e and my QX7.

Another vote for OpenTx and the TX16S.

Pair it up with the Jumper R8 Receiver and you’ve got Yaapu telemetry without too much messing around.

Which flight controller is better the ardupilot or pixhawk4? I’m trying to make a a tilt rotor hybrid plane that has wings and uses three motors intend of 4 motors . And yaw vectoring up front. Thanks if anyone can answer to my question lol

Ardupilot is Flight Control firmware that runs on Flight Controller hardware like a Pixhawk4. Arduplane supports many types of Tilt Rotor configurations:

There could potentially be many Flight Controllers suitable for your craft depending on how may servo and motor outputs you need.

I’m doing 3 rotors two tilting in from for forward transition and hover and plane hybrid I’m about to buy the pixhawk4 that has the ports I need. I’m trying to figure out if tyrannis 9 is a good choice cause it will use 8 channels total

How do I o about to download the right version?

Which radio do you have? You are in EU or USA

I use taranis QX7 for all my models

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ok…, in frsky Web dite you will find the correct firmwares for your radio but you must check first the correct firmware, if you are i Eu you have to flash Eu firmware for your radio and also the Eu firmware for your receiver, if you are USA you must flash the firmware for radio and if the receiver is already for that you don’t need

I don’t have the right radio yet I’m thinking if the taranis x9pro or the spectrum 9 channel not sure which tho

Also I’m building a remake of the econvergence thus I’ll be using elevon to keep things cheaper and lighter I have to cut up the ranger 2000 make it a delta wing using the original wings take a miter saw cut a 45 ° angle so the wings can clip on the right sides and I ordered 45 degree with center 3d printed connectors. Sighs this is yet a challenging aspect of customizing my plane. The elevator will be fixed so as the rudders to I’ll have to get another pair of tail parts.

well, sbus and spectrum are different protocols, the radio you need depends also about the way you want follow…keeping the same standards for all your projects… and future developments.