Which Pixhawk Platform

Hello everyone,

I am Stefan, a beginner at trying to build a fixed wing plane.

So far i have purchased most of what i need (hopefully): pixhawk, servos, ecs, batteries, rc, and few others.

I am trying to flash the pixhawk and after i go to install firmware, it asks me which platform and what software i want to install.

I am lost because on the pixhawk specification it doesn’t say exactly which model it is.

How would i find the answer to this?

Exactly what did you buy? Provide a picture of the hardware or a link to the listing where you bought it.

Radiolink hardware is notoriously awful. Expect to have continued frustrations. For now, try using the fmuv2 target, and see if that might work.

And if i already installed fmuv3, can i just overwrite it?

Yes. That shouldn’t be a problem. But if it’s working, maybe don’t change anything.