Which pins/ports do I look for tilt rotor servos

I am trying to connect my servos to the flight controller, but I’m not sure which ports to connect them to.
tilt rotor servo

It’s a tilt rotor, so I want the servos to rotate when I push forward/back on the joystick. I know there’s a tilt rotor documentation explaining how to setup the software, but I don’t see anything about the hardware side.

Say I have an arbitrary flight controller, like a Pixhawk, or CUAV etc. which ports am I looking for to attach the servos to? Or do they connect to the receiver/somewhere else?

I just did this but a little differently. On my Matek h743 mini, I connected the signal wire to an unused servo pin. I had to map the channel and input and it still didn’t work. Then I got help and had to

check parameter BRD_PWM_COUNT=8

8 is the pin I connected the servo to.

I’ve only posted here a little so my inquiry should be easy to find. There’s screenshots of my settings.

That didn’t really help because your servo serves a different purpose than for what I’m after. I’m trying to get my rotors to tilt forward/back during flight.

What AP/FC are you using? That’s the first bit of info you need. With an arbitrary FC you would use the aux channels I believe.

I haven’t chosen a flight controller yet, because I’m not sure what I need to look for on it to get the servos to do what I need them to do. I’m thinking maybe Pixhawk.

What exactly are you building?