Which One Is Better, Lion or LiPo

I’ve designed a hexacopter that completes various tasks. Its weights about 3.5-4kgs without batteries.

I’ve decided to use T Motor MN5008 BLDC motor series for drones thrust system. It’s seems like the best option for this weight. But I couldn’t decide which type of battery I should use.

First option is using 6s 22Ah Li-Po battery and it’s getting about 45 mins of flight time.

Second option is packing a Lion battery that has 5.6 amps capacity and 12 cells with 18650, 3600mAh 1s batteries. It’s getting about 42 mins of flight time with 140Kv BLDC option.

Lion option seems much more cheaper and reliable. But I never used lion batteries so I don’t know the disadvantages and consequences of long term using.

So can you help me with this?

This is a pretty nuanced topic that probably requires discussion outside of a simple forum. It is dependent on a lot of aspects of your aircraft design and CONOPS. I recommend searching the forum and general web for this information as most everything you are looking for is out there in some shape or form.


Neither is better. Start here:

And continue to research for your own needs.

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