Which is the best & lightest 12MP camera for mapping with Pixhawk?

Can anybody tell me what camera to buy for mapping?

We are using the Sony A6000 with good success giving us 1cm per pixel resolution from 55m.

Thanks Mike, looks like a really good camera.

Might be a bit too heavy and bulky for my Zeta Phantom FX61

I use a Canon s110. Camera plus housing I made with a micro servo to trigger shutter weighs about 13 oz.


David R. Boulanger

Thanks David,

Is that for georeferenced mapping imagery?


The camera has no GPS, but there is a way to get the reference off of Mission Planner when it triggered the shutter I believe.

David R. Boulanger

Yes, I see that, just been reading up on it.

Very interesting.

Please let me know some more details about the use of Sony A6000:
a) Did you used a gimbal (if yes the type)
b) Which was the objective
Yours, Georges

Hi Georges41,
In answer to your questions:
a) Yes we use gimbals at all times, 2 axis is sufficient, and we use Maytech gimbals almost exclusively as they are cost effective and of good quality. Have tried others but found issues in different areas with them.
b) We use this setup for photogrammetry work, in mines, quarries, land conservation, etc to produce cm accurate Digital Elevation Models.

Many Thanks Mike Boland for your answer. Would you please specify which is the photo objective used.
I have a HK32APM. Recently I found that after a so to said an athletic landing, the altitude and Loiter asservissement is degraded.
Did you seen also something like this in your system?

I am living in Rambouillet, France, where are you?

Yours, Georges

Hi Georges41,
Not sure what you mean by “photo objective used”?
I build commercial systems for clients, and use 3DR’s PixHawk exclusively, as I need that guarantee of quality.
It is not practical to put 12kg of expensive carbon fibre and electronics in the air with a controller that may, or may not, work as expected.

I live near the central east coast of Queensland, Australia, in a rural environment, which gives me the ability to fly all year round.

Hi Mike,
I found a price for the photo apparatus but it is only for the box (around 550 Euros) but there are a lot of optical objectives. Which was the objective you used with the box?
As concerns the reliability of a complex structure, like a multi-copter, you are right. The beauty of the game is to realize a global system with low cost components.
Would you think to make a trip to Paris?


Photo objective is the lens of the camera, I believe.
Mike, Paris is nice!!

Anybody else with suggestions with regard to this topic?

Your help will be much appreciated.

insha Allah I’ll be using the older S100, it has GPS and most of all it can do custom scripts

Has anyone seen this camera or used it from foxtech, I see they are now a partner. This camera looks like a stripped down QX1 with additional features such as shutter triggering for a emlid ppk gps.

map-01 camera

880 $ without lens is really a lot and you have no guarantees about the image quality of a no brand camera .

i recomend sony RX0 or RX 100 for your zeta phantom fx61

As above… Sony RX100. 21mp

I’ve used one for years on a small quad. Great results and it’s light!

If you can get an older Mk2 version it has a hot shoe which you can use to feed back to the pixhawk when a photo is successfully captured.

Can anyone please tell me which lens to use along with sony a6000 for mapping purpose?
Multiple options will be great.

Shubham Thakur