Which firmware do I need to flash?

Hello, I got a small Pixhawk in a bundle (this) and it came with ardupilot 3.6.7 and I wondert which fimware i need to flash. There is no manual for this product or a website from the manufacturer the only information on banggood is that it is an Pixhawk 2.4.8(which would be fmuv2 or 3) .
What do i need to flash? (I would flash fmuv2 or 3 but I am scarred that this is an custom firmware and i cant go back)

Connect your board to MissionPlanner and observe what the Pixhawk sends out in the Messages tab. It gives you information about what software is on board and what hardware it is.

I already did that but i have no idea where i see the board info.

Where the F4BY is, that is where the hardware type is usually displayed. Try to digging into F4BY, or what happens if you just try to update using the usual method?

edit. after a quick search: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-f4by.html

Good day, your fc is limited to
1 MB Flash… so its FMUv2.
the last firmware stable is 4.0.3 and the beta under test is 4.0.4rc2 and soon rc3.

Just flash the latest stable version of firmware from Mission Planner. There is a specific target for that board that’s what will be installed. Or, download the .apj file from here and use “load custom firmware” in Mission Planner.

Thanks! Yes i Know, but the flightcontroller was so cheap it didnt really matter!

Thank you and Höhenarbeiter I will do this. I didnt thought F4BY would be the board. (:

Not a board I would have bought. You can get a board with integrated OSD and direct battery power in (no OSD or power module required) with more capability in that form factor for ~$50. And don’t believe that the 500mw version of the telemetry modules produce that. They do produce a lot of noise though.

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You are probably right but it is to late.
Which flight controler are you talking about?
Which downsides come with 1mb flash?

Your fc have the SMT32f407 and its limited to 1mb flash…so its fmuv2, while others fc like pixracer r15, x.2.1,pixhawk cube…etc have the stm32f427 rev.3 have 2mb flash.
The MCU with 2mb flash use the FMUv3 that is Identical to FMUv2, but usable flash doubled to 2MB., like Pixracer r15 with stm32f427 rev3 is fmuv4 and it has an increased ram,more serial ports whitout IO processor, after this FMUv4-PRO, FMUv5 both are correlated to a diffent hardware and MCU specs.

I know but what are the problems which come with it?
Which features am I missing out?

Your MCU is out of date and with the implementation of the firmware will need more powerful MCU…

That board isn’t listed here but it gives a general list of features missing on 1M boards. Which features depend on the actual board so you won’t know until you find a parameter missing.

Regarding which board there are many by Matek, HolyBro and others. Some of those are 1Mb limited also but they have a lot of other features.