Which autopilot hardware?

Going to build my first quad, I’m confused by all the different pixhawk versions… I want an autopilot that will not have firmware limitations, and I want to connect a nvidia jetson nano.

Can you make a recommendation?

I also want the hardware to be open, not closed.

One place I read the pixhawk 2 had firmware limitations, and someone recommended «Cube» instead, but that Cube has a logo thst says pixhawk 2… confused

Would the Cuav5 plus be a good choice?

The hardware you choose will depend on what you want to do.

Cuav products are excellent as well as Hex Cube products too

Both platforms will run either PX4 or Arducopter. (My opinion is AC is much better :+1:)

Cuav has the new NORA flight controller which should be excellent

Either way you need to figure out what you want…

Thanks for answering.

I will build two quads, one for 3D acrobatics/fpv racing and another for video/photography, this latter will have the nvidia jetson nano for increasing its compute power in order to use ai/ml and to make it more autonomous.