Whether plane is autotuned is not

I have tuned the plane but how can i come to know that whether my plane is autotuned Or not?

hi @akhil
download log from your FC and look it for a message about “autotune completed”.

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Hosein_gh is correct. Also:
P & I value is 4.5 before tuning you will see the values change after auto tune.
& if you disarmed in auto tune it should have saved.

This is a tuned display

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where i will find the message that autotune is finished or completed

@mtnsurveyor thanks for the reply but the PID values change continuously when you autotune the plane so how I can be so sure that autotune is completed

It has been a while but I recall a mav message “yaw tune completed, roll tune completed” something like that.
sorry I do not have a better answer