Where to set ROI for circle mode?

I’m trying to use the “Circle” flight mode (outside of missions). According to the docs, the copter wil point towards a POI/ROI, but I cannot find any way to set that outside of missions. Is there a parameter or mavlink command or similar which lets me control roi?


These are the parameter’s you need to set. circle_radius defines the radius of the circle in centimeter’s, 0 makes it spin on the spot, ideal for a 360deg panoramic shot. Circle_rate is how fast it moves in that circle in degrees per second. A negative number makes it go counter clockwise.

When you enable circle mode the FC will then move in a circle with the centre point of that circle being the specified radius distance (circle_radius) directly in front of it when circle mode is enabled. The quad will point to this centre all the time it is in circle mode.

That makes total sense. Thanks!