Where to get 30 inch propellers

(I am writing from a translator)
Hello everyone, I’m not sure where I am writing
assembled a drone 1300mm
pixhawk 4
t-motor p80 100kv
esc 80a alpha hv

tell me where you get inexpensive 30 inch propellers
the original t-motor is expensive but if there is no way out I will buy them ((I bought it on aliexpress but with them the motors vibrate and consume twice as much current can share links to the store
can folding propellers
With respect, Nicholai

T-Motor Folding polymer props are the cheapest I have seen in market.

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thanks for the answer. slide another point: it’s better to take 1300mm 32 inches or 30 inches 32 onto the frame; they fit into the butt, the distance between the ends is 80mm, I would like maximum efficiency

Check what’s best for the motor. Design frame accordingly.

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