Where is the origin of GPS_POS_X/Y/Z?

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the origin of GPS_POS_X/Y/Z.

The following description says “from the IMU or center of gravity of the vehicle”.

However, my aircraft has INS_POS_X moved forward, so the IMU position and the center of gravity position are different.Which should I set in this case?

I have seen the same question posted as mine within this forum.
However, I am confused because some answers say offset from IMU and some say offset from center of gravity.

Should I set the offset from the IMU or the offset from the center of gravity?


Do as suggested in here.

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As of 4.1.0 and this PR, the origin is frame referenced for both GPS and IMU offsets.

In other words, use the frame origin (typically center of gravity) as the point of reference for all *POS* parameters.


Thanks to both of you for your answers.

Since I’m using 4.1.0, it seems like a good idea to use the frame origin as the reference point for the POS parameter.

Thank you.