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Where is the mission file sent by GCS stored?

I’m using radio2 connected to raspberry pi.
And GCS is using mission planner.
GCS and raspberry pi communicate with the telemetry.
I don’t know if I’m working properly, but I go into the action of the data in the mission planner, press do action, and press arm/disarm to start the operation.

If GCS sets it to automatic mode, specifies a waypoint, hands it over to raspberry pi, and commands it to perform its mission, I wonder where the relevant information is stored.

Last time I asked a similar question about this, I heard that it will be saved in raspberry pi’s /var/lib.
So when I entered /var/lib, I checked that there were many folders.
Among the many folders on the /var/lib, I think it will be stored in the aducopter folder, right?

And in the arducopter, there are basically two folders, the arducopter.stg file and the logs, and when gcs gave me a command, I even checked that I had a new file.
But I don’t know what each of these files does.

What I want to do is when raspberry pi 1 and GCS are communicating and handing over the waypoint and telling me to carry out the mission, I want raspberry pi 2 to perform the same mission through file synchronization, even if I don’t have to do a separate operation.

So, as mentioned above, I want to know where the mission task is stored, and what each file in the folder called aducopter does.

Please check.
Thank you.

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