Where hal.console goes in Software in the loop (SITL)?

I’m trying to use the hal.console for debug purposes. I’m currently working in simulation using the SITL.

I’m trying to understand where the hal.console output goes when in SITL mode.

I’ve tried to run the simulator as follows but it doesn’t work:

sim_vehicle.py -A “–uartA=uart:/dev/ttyUSB0” --console --map --aircraft test

The “–uartA=uart:/dev/ttyUSB0” argument should re-direct the output of uartA to /dev/ttyUSB0, but I don’t see any ttyUSB0 under /dev.

Any suggestion?


by default hal.console goes to a TCP port (port 5760). The GCS normally connects to that port for MAVLink.
If you want it on USB then you can do that, then you’d need to use the correct device name.