Where can I get the Ardupilot Copter web page printed out?

Since there is a lot of documentation, I was wondering if there is a way or a place to get the full documentation available under the following site printed out in a PDF or in a book, for example:
I mean being able to get all of the following contents printed out for reference:

If anyone knows, please let me know.
Thank you.

Here are some available as PDF

All of those are EXTREMLY outdated!

Someone asked that question a few years ago and out of curiosity I tried one of the available Apps that will download an entire website including links. I don’t recall if it was WebCopy or HTTrack. Anyway, I had no use for it but it worked well enough.

I’ve done a bit more research into it and appears Adobe Pro is one of the few that can do the whole sub-pages all at once.
The other Apps only work of the main page / currently selected page. The links are printed as links in the PDF, but when clicked revert back to actual website.
Google Chrome (Chromium on Linux) can also create a PDF from currently viewed website, but not any links.

Thank you Karl and Dave. I will try them out!