When Loiter tries to stop the copter.. twice

Something I have seen with my two copters. (900mm quad & 1600mm hex) is they often fail to stop smoothly when I center my sticks. Normally they will smoothly kill about 80% of the momentum of the drone. It seems as if the drone figures out a second later that its still moving laterally and then will twitch a bit more aggressively to finish out the stop. This is normally fine and has never caused a crash or anything, but I would like help understanding whats going on here.

In most of these cases, Desired Roll/Pitch seems to be tracked by actual Roll/Pitch as well. It doesn’t seem to be a rate tuning issue to me anyways.

I can post logs if you aren’t familiar with what I am describing. I wonder if changing LOIT_BRK_ACCEL would help or LOIT_BRK_JERK. I am largely just curious here.

Anyways, let me know if you’ve seen the same thing before!


Yes, LOIT_BRK_* parameters control the breaking in loiter mode. yes, these are the parameters you should change.