What would cause battery_remaining to periodically go to -1?

Having a problem with a dronecan smart battery (Tattu 12s). Periodically my battery_remaining goes to a -1, and the charge state to a 6. The system thinks the battery is unhealthy and triggers the failsafe. What goes into the battery_remaining calculation that would cause it to periodically go to -1? If someone wouldnt mind teaching me to fish here, I’d love to know what else I can be doing and looking at to troubleshoot this issue further.

I cant figure out why battery_remaining would go to -1, but the individual cell voltages still be reading OK, along with the current consumed. Those numbers are not changing as dramatically like the battery_remaining.

My settings are:

Here’s a graph of the battery_remaining, current consumed, and cell voltages from mavlink inspector. The battery_remaining consistently dips to -1 and then right back up. current_consumed and the cell voltages stay stable though, nothing there is dropped to 0 or below.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

I believe I found a resolution to myissue. I used DroneCAN GUI Tool to monitor the CAN bus and it seemed like all messages were not being processed successfully.
On my CAN bus I have 6 Hobbywing ESCs (XRotor X6 motors), Here 4 GPS, hereflow, cube id and my smart battery. What I did was put the ESCs on CAN1 and everything else on CAN2 and that seemed to solve the issue.

For what its worth I noticed many of these message errors show up in the bottom of drone can GUI tool (screenshot below) as well when everything was on one bus. I still get these errors on CAN2 so not 100% sure what is causing that yet. But