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What to do in home isolation? Build another rover!

Here in Germany we are supposed to stay at home (this will probably turn into a curfew soon), so I decided to build a new rover. It is just the chassis with RC control for now:

The body is a Hammond aluminium case, the rover is upside down in the pictures. It is driven by two Planet Hobby 510kV brushless outrunners powered by two 4000mAh 2S lipos in parallel. The wheels are 1/8th scale RC wheels, fixed to 8mm solid steel axles with 17mm hex adapters. The drivetrain has a ratio of 1:7.5. First stage are pinion gears, the second stage is a GT2 belt drive. The ESCs are sensored/sensorless 60A car ESCs for now, VESCs are in transit.


Very nice drivetrain Sebastian.

Rovers looking brilliant! Thanks for sharing and stay safe

The rover is almost finished now, or better, as finished as all my projects ever are.:wink:
FC is a Navio2 on a RPi3B+. I failed at installing Rpanion server on the same RPi, so I added a RPi2 for that. I also changed the ESCs to 30A blheli ESCs in bidirectional mode, the whine from the 8kHz/1kHz car ESCs was unbearable.
Driving indoors on a smooth surface works very well, but turning outdoors on asphalt makes the belts skip. The wheels are soft and have way to much grip. I bought new tires, but for now I put some strapping tape around the wheels. Yesterday I took it for a testdrive (ca. 3km asphalt and offroad) and the belts only skipped when I let the stick snap and the brakes kicked in. AUW is around 5kg, that is a lot of weight for the poor 6mm GT2 belts.
The lipos only went from 7.85V to 7.7V on that trip (multimeter).
The only parts missing are a camera and some encoders perhaps.

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