What limits roll speed?

I’m trying to get faster rolls in stabilize.
ANGLE_RATE_MAX is no longer in the list of parameters.
What limits the rotational speed in stabilize now? Changing the acro_RP_P doesn’t change it. Acro_Y_P does change the speed of yaw in stabilize… So, I guess there is something else limiting the RP speed in stabilize.


ATC_ACCEL and ATC_RATE. There is settings for roll, pitch and yaw. The accel is set in cm/sec^2. The rate is degrees/sec.

Oh, I see it now… ATC_Rate_R(P,Y)_MAX. I was just skimming past them thinking they were part of the basic PID’s.
Thank you.

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There must be something more…
ATC_Rate_*_MAX are all zero, so I guess aren’t limiting anything.
ATC_ACCEL are well over the ‘fast’ setting.

I know the copter is capable of rolling much faster… I will keep looking and tuning…

The “fast” setting is just a guideline. You can still set it higher if it is limiting you below your desired performance, even above the 180k range that the documentation suggests.

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