What is this MAVFTP param, and why is MP freezing while "checking" for it?

Whenever I start MP and connect to the FC, it always begins by “checking for param MAVFTP”, and that process never ends. I let it run for a few minutes once to see if it would finish and it did not. I typically need to press “Cancel”, which kills that initial window, after which the normal connection process resumes.

Can someone please clarify what MAVFTP is, and why MP never finishes the process of “checking for it”? If it’s not something essential for my missions, how can I disable this initial lookup process so I can connect to the autopilot faster?

Thank you.

MAVFTP is an efficient FTP protocol over Mavlink telemetry that is used to fetch the vehicle parameters in an efficient way. You can cancel it but then the GCS will not know the parameter values of your vehicle. That might cause a couple of issues in the GCS.

It looks like after I cancel it, MP proceeds to read all the vehicle parameters one after the other. This process typically takes a few good seconds (30?).

So… does this mean that MAVFTP is not needed? If it is needed, then why are the parameters read after I cancel the process of “checking for param MAVFTP”?

Also, if it’s truly needed, how can I make it “work” and not stand in the way of me connecting to the UAV? :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I also experience this but after canceling my parameters load just fine.

For me the MAVFTP windows shows up, appears for a minute or so (the progress bar doeasn´t move) and then disapperas. After that it loads the parameteres just like with older FW.

I use Mavlink2, and ArduCopter 4.0.7. There it works fine. Parameters load in about 12 seconds.

And that is the reason MAVFTP is there, it is a lot faster than other methods, but you do need the latest stable versions of Mission Planner and ArduCopter. And AFAIK a mavlink2 connection

I use Mavlink2 everywhere. The strange thing is, it loads pretty fast on a Pixhawk 4 with MAVFTP (around 15-20 seconds), but on the CubeBlack MAVFTP takes longer at first AND aditionally loads all parameters regularly afterwards (takes around ~2 minutes). Same with USB connection, only parameter download is slightly faster.
Using latest MP and AC…

Thanks @amilcarlucas for the clarification. Yes, I am using the latest firmware (4.1.0-dev) and latest MP. The checkbox in Link Stats shows I am connected via MavLink2. Yet the “checking for MAVFTP” process never finishes for me, I always have to cancel it.