What is the correct rfd900x antenna's position on fix wing UAV.?

I integrated 900xMHz antenna on both side of my plane and set the position.(below picture) Then isn’t work well while I taxing it on runway (far from home about 300meters) the connection between a/c and g/s loss.

I think it’s caused by incorrect position of antenna on a/c.

how should I do for this problem.?

Try pointing one antenna down (vertical), and have the other horizontal, parallel with the wing.

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Point one vertical, down between those struts, and one out horizontally in the direction of the wingtip if possible.
You can get flat circuit board style antennas that you’d be able to stick inside the fuselage, or under a wing. They would need to be good quality.

Think of the radiation pattern like a toroid (or disc) around the antenna.
The way you have it now you’ve got two radiation patterns almost exactly the same, with nothing in front or behind the plane. The only coverage you have is to the sides, even limited coverage directly below…


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please suggest me some flat circuit board style antennas for me.
I have never used it before.:pray:

There might be a reseller close to you too.
Feel free to email the RFD guys to select exactly the right antennas.

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thanks, I appreciate for your help.