What is the best low cost gps module

There are a lot of m8n gps modules available with big price difference and they all claim they are the best.
How does the lay person know if one is better than the other, is there any difference between them?. Is there any reviews available?

On market you can find many low cost gps modules but when you have something in the air is better invest few money in more for a good stuff.
i can suggest mro gps modules…they aquire fast gps signals… dronecode pin compatibility

Don’t cheap out on the GPS…There are some good ones in the 65 dollar range.
Holybro makes a good one as does CUAV. IF yo cheap out on the GPS you will likely pay for it in the long term. Just my 2 cents.

I could recommend the radiolink SE100.
Inside is a M8N. They are with 30-40€ in the cheaper spectrum and i’m getting around 1,5meter accuracy (with a aluminium ground plate that is)

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