What is rssi input for?

Hello everyone
Whats RSSI input doing in ardupilot ?
Is it just for showing in GCS? Or its involved in flight performance

RSSI is a measure of signal strength. One Typical usage is an output from the RC RX and the FC passes the RSSI value to the GCS via the telemetry.

The pilot would monitor the RSSI value to ensure that the signal strength is good enough to maintain control. I would assume that some if not all GCS have some sort of alert/notification for low RSSI

I’m not an expert, but I suppose RSSI could also be applied to the telemetry signal.

Hi @ekliptiko
Thanks for reply
I know what is rssi
I want to know that it just passed through telemetry for knowing siganl strength or will be used for other calculation like fail safe ?
Because my radio control show rssi on its lcd and if its only for knowing on GCS i want to free up one of my channels

It is not used for anything by the autopilot, the presence of actual incoming mavlink packets is used for GCS failsafe, not RSSI.

Its a hold over to use with receivers the FrSky X8R and X6R that have a separate RSSI output. This port can also be used as an SBUS output.

what is your Remote Model?