What happenned to relays?

I need to have a relay switched using my transmitter. The wiki doesnt show how to do this with ardupilot 3.9. I think i have managed to set up aux5 as a relay output but how do i map an rc channel to control the relay?


it is now RCx_OPTION instead of the old RC7_OPT parameters. 28 for relay 1, 34 for 2, 35 for 3, 36 for for 4, 66 for 5 and 67 for 6

Thats what I thought, but I cannot see it in my Mission Planner…?

I also noticed that the screen shot on the page you linked shows as version 1.3.7 of Mission Planner but I am using 1.3.66? where is 1.3.7 why is it higher version than the latest version?

in that case it is the old CH7_OPT params, exactly as described on the wiki

I don’t have either. See my screenshot?

It turns out this is only available in Copter, not Plane as the wiki mentions.