What flight controller should i buy

i am thinking of making an autonomous boat but i don’t know what flight controller i should buy.
i have a fs-ia6b receiver and a fs-i6 transmitter.

Any supported Flight Controller will run a boat. Plenty to choose from:
Flight Controllers

are there any that are under 100 and don’t require soldering


would APM flight controllers work

No, obsolete. They haven’t been supported in many years.

ok dkemxr thank you for your help

  • I have a used $100

what is the namw of the flight controller that is 100 dollars


You probably don’t need to pay anything to get a flight controller.

like:Free Flight Control - Sponsorship of Flying Dreams (Phase 1) - #3 by dkemxr

Those have been discontinued if you are talking about a F405-Wing. If you mean an H743-Wing then that’s a good choice but not $100. And of course you have to solder which the poster seems to have a problem with.

is this FC supports boat…?

If you are not a professional and if it is just for experimental purposes, APM may be able to work for the boat. However, APM is an outdated version and may broken itself after longtime use. Nevertheless, I assume you have serious budget constraints. Please note that if APM breaks, it is your responsibility and I just give you advice.

what is your purpose? for making product? or for just fun and experience?

I’m just kidding. In my country, the speedyBee F405 is only $40

What FC?

just for fun and experience

I think FC means Flight Controller

Well yea, I know that. he seemed to be asking if the FC I suggested supported Rover.