What FC can be use with 16 motor

Hey, an Ardupilot newbie here. I am working on a new project ( agricultral spray drone)
the drone will have 240kg total take off weight with 16pcs motor.we would use U15II motor , set up will be U15II KV80 + Flame200A ESC + G40*13.1" propeller at 60V voltage .
Here is the motor detail specification

please what FC can you surgest me.

thanks for your help

Hey there, your question is best asked in the forum section.
The blog is for announcements and to show how you’re using AP. Cheers!

I am only aware of 12 motors being handled individually by Arducopter.
If it can handle 16 someone who knows please chime in.

The only other way I can think of would be to have your motors paired.

What motor/frame arrangement do you plan to use? As Mike says a DodecaHex (coax Hex) is the highest motor count craft supported by ArduCopter as far as I know. Max outputs on a typical Pixhawk/Cube Flight Controller is 14.