What cause EKF failsafe?

Ive build a costume drone for fishing (actually casting bait) - still in development made more than a few model - its 450mm weigh around 1.8 KG.
works pretty well - by in the last two models i had two crashes that the log indicates it’s an EKF fail safe - the drone past the RTL point, keep on going and losing altitude until in crash (meanwhile the RC does not response)
Does anyone had the same problem? does anyone knows what causes this? any suggestions?
Log is attached.
Thanks a lot!

35.BIN (292.2 KB)

I do not have an issue with crashing but I have an issue of EKF triggering the failsafe on ARM.
For that, they recommend changing the FS_EKF_THRESH from 0.8 (default) to 0.9 or 1.0 (relaxed sensitivity).

But for your crash, I would run through the calibrations again.

You also have some strange vibrations cropping up through the flight.
Is everything balanced?
Is everything tight?
Is the frame rigid enough?

Hey Mike,
The vibrations seems fine to me - it is a costume frame very rigid (heavy, big, ABS Plastic), everything is pretty tight.But Ill make a vibration test to double check. I think I found the problem, for some reason the Pixhawk doesn't recognize the external compass (it does work with the GPS but not with the compass). I upgraded to 3.4 and upgraded the mission planner to the latest version as well - but still it won't recognize it. I will update once Ill solve this out - but if you have any more suggestion.
Many thanks.