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Welcome v3.1 and thanks dev team

Finally it’s here!

Huge thank you all those involved for making this release possible.

ArduCopter has come so far in the last two years, it’s more amazing than most realize!

Details of the release here: … 1-released

Yes some major changes that will make others look. Of course all questions to go into these new forums.

congratulations guys. I know it’s been a long road of testing.

Couldn’t resist myself and went out in fog and subzero temperatures for a spin and an autotune session.

After saving and applying the autotuned PIDs, was a bit surprised by the wobbly feel, until I landed again and checked the props. They had almost double the thickness due to ice buildup on the blades :smiley:

Congrats Team for this great job!


Drift mode is interesting addition, with yaw where roll normally is. I learnt to use rudder on trad heli’s so this new mode is certainly different, more like driving a RC car. Feels unnatural for a 'copter but I’m sure one could get used to it quickly.
Don’t try roll to avoid an obstacle like I did… missed it but a tiny moment of panic there :smiley:

I think drift will be a great way for new quad owners to get their first figure 8 going. After getting the basic forward/backwards movements they can switch to this and not have to worry about putting in too much yaw.

Thanks guys for the update.

I put it onto the PIXHAWK rev. 2.3 and it worked nice after Compass and ACC cali. I did not try to do compassmot, since the XYZ values were below 150 and I did not notice misbehavior regarding this at 3.1RC4. AltHold worked fine as well, surprisingly, since Randy reported some errors with the “old” PIXHAWK.

A little bit confusing, that the PIXHAWK changed its startup sound…bye bye… nice bird whistle at the start.

But I have a Question: What exactly does Load IRIS Defaults do ? I (idiot) did not save the Parameter set of RC4, since I figured that they are loaded by this button anyways…but since only a RC config page (flight modes?) showed up, after using this button , Im not sure anymore…

Btw. I noticed (after trying several MP revs, USB HUB, different cables , stripping all add ons) that the update of the PIXHAWK hasnt been possible with my Thinkpad T43 , LenovoT60 and X60s, which worked together well with the APM before and did well with the PIXHAW config . It did not make any difference using an active HUB or unplugging all the externals. An older HP notebook did the job right away…

First ever post here…so it’s a good one… :laughing:

Thanks to all the team for releasing this great firmware.

May the force be with you… :wink:

Gingratulation to the developers team, also to beta testers!
Really Great firmware!
On big thanks from all of us, who we are flying our copters with this great peace of software!


Thanks for an awesome development job on 3.1, my hex is going so well, great work.

thanks dev team!

Hi to all,
First I would like to thanks all the dev team for the great and colossal work they do on the “ardu…” project.
I have upgrade my APM to 3.1 tradheli (with MP) but i can’t find where to get the code for the 3.1 ? (want to try some modifications)
When i follow this “how to” the code is noted “arducopter v3.2 dev”, is it the 3.1 , can i fly this code ?
thanks for your help

thanks for your help


[quote=“bruno-16OOO”]I have upgrade my APM to 3.1 tradheli (with MP) but i can’t find where to get the code for the 3.1 ? (want to try some modifications)
When i follow this “how to” the code is noted “arducopter v3.2 dev”, is it the 3.1 , can i fly this code ?[/quote]
You might want to open a separate topic for this in the appropriate subforum, where the developers can notice it more easily.

ok stefan, no problem
And what is the appropriate subforum ?

i think that i found it here … pter-3.1.0

So will this now be the official arducopter forum.
Or is the old ning forum still going to be used for things like version release announcements?

I think the announcement, including details, should all be in one forum.
Making the announcements sticky.

N-Z-N This forum is for all things 3DR and related. DIY Drones will cater to a wider AP audience.

Moving forward releases will be mentioned on DIYD but this forum will be the place for all APM Plane and APM Copter discussions.

This is forum is a much better platform than the Ning platform for conversations.

These forums are not a surprise move they have been in place for nearly a year and we have been improving them to cope. Both on the moderation and admin side.

Its about time we got here.
Ning is a terrible platform.

When I said we, I should have said Stefan, Tridge and Craig have been working hard on improving this forum. Combined with the work the Wiki team has undertaken might well be the most comprehensive and complete UAS builders resource on the web.

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