Weird hexa copter drone flight

hi everyone ,
We’ve done an endurance test on our hexacopter drone using pixhawk orange cube. I’ve used herelink for telemetry and have set the destination of about 4km from the launch site. The drone reached the destination point and then the communication link between drone and GCS was like up and down when it came midway the communication was lost

And the drone took another straight path from the mid point and crash landed at about 9.8km from launch site…

I thought that there might be some replay attack or gps spoofing attack be done on the drone…and the sad part is I’ve not enabled the bin logger for this test. do anyone know what might have happened to the drone which caused the drone to head in a different direction in a very straight path rather than following the intended path?

below is a diagrammatic representation of the path.

No telling without a .bin log file, or maybe even a tlog.
It would be prudent to set and test all relevant failsafe features before attempting something like this - not sure if you did or not.

We see plenty of people with 20inch props or bigger and many thousands of $ worth of gear that dont correctly set battery voltage levels, a GPS fence or even test RTL.
Turning off logging is less than ideal and not advised, no idea why you’d do that.

With this oversight you have doomed any chance of determining cause.