Weird ESC calibration

Hey guys, I did the radio calibration on mission planner and everything works fine. The problem is the ESC calibration. I have 4 in 1 bl heli Racerstar esc and my tranimitter is turnigy 9x. I tried the following calibration:
Put throttle stick up.
Plug in the battery.
Plug of the battery.
Plug in the battery.
Then put down throttle stick.
Hear the melody and the beeps.
Looks like it is calibrated , because motors react to throttle very nicely.

the PROBLEM is : when I unplug the battery and plug it again.Then I arm the copter using down and right sticks. It spins slowly and does not react to any sticks inlcuding my trasnmiter’s throttle stick.
Maybe someone knows or faced this problem?

Adding video to better understand my problem, please help!

I have the same ESC and you video sounds like mine on calibration. Are you arming with the right stick? I usually Dis-arm with the Tx before I unplug the battery after ESC calibration.

I arm only with throttle stick down and to right. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Didn’t even know you could arm that way. Or am I not seeing this right?

Found the solution. Joe, somehow, I read your link once again and noticed that if you want to fly in loiter mode, gps is a must. So I changed my flight mode from loiter to stabilize and everything works fine.

Glad to hear it. The Wiki has almost everything covered. Good to just spend a little time each day and read through the whole thing. Saves a lot forum searching.