Weird Crash S900 Frame and Cube

Dear All,

As you may figured by the title, iam investigating a very weird crash, on one of my multi-flown/proven rig. My investigation so far points me to gremlins.

It was my fifth in a row flight, after an exesive catalog of check list. the only disparity/symptom i noticed, is after the errors appeard to GCS, The copter followed a parabolic trajectory in land mode at full throttle! That thing, happent again in a test rig caused from a detached GPS-Compass module mid-air. Thats not the case for this one.

The sort story is: We took off at loiter, changed to Auto and after a few second errors starting to appear at no obvious reason.
Its a fully featured RIG, with Here + RTK & Here, Companion RPI3, Futaba 14SG RX, Cube FC, Standard official 3DR Modems and 10S Power module. Tuning is not super, but very very well tuned because we constantly change payloads.

Can someone may look at our logs for something we missed?