Waypoints deleted on entering AUTO mode

The rover works well in STEERING and MANUAL mode. The problem seems to be with some failsafe or error in AUTO mode.

I set waypoints and write them to my rover from within Mission Planner, while in MANUAL. When I read them back, everything seems fine. When I try to read them after toggling to AUTO, though, all of my waypoints are gone. No such problem if I write them to the rover in AUTO mode and then toggle back to MANUAL.

I think the missing waypoints are causing my rover to enter HOLD mode instead of AUTO.

Any idea what might be causing Mission Planner to erase my waypoints?

Mission Planner V. 1.3.44
Working with a Pixhawk linked to a Sabertooth motor controller.
See log here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6cEozG9ml5MOTN1RUtkMmV4cjQ

Worth noting: After a few tries where nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen, I started getting this error.
“There was an unexpected error.”
When I clicked “more information,” the popup read “Timeout on Read- GetRequestedWPNo…etc”

Still having trouble with this issue. -4/2/17

That is a peculiar error. I’ll try to replicate that behavior but I haven’t had any problems to date.

Thanks, Grant.