[ArduRover] AUTO Mode switching to Hold Mode?

Hi all,

My rover has started toggling to HOLD mode instead of AUTO recently. It’s consistent; and it doesn’t seem to be correlated with loss of GPS or RC. (eg: Was working in Manual immediately before toggling, and had 9 sats when I checked.)

Thanks for the help!

####Worth noting:
I have been also having issues where any waypoints I upload are erased on toggling to “AUTO” (HOLD) mode. (When I read back waypoints, nothing is there.)
I got around this issue by uploading waypoints while in AUTO mode. (When I read back waypoints, I get the same ones I wrote to the rover.)

STEERING/MANUAL modes are unaffected.

####Additional Resources:
####.bin file here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6cEozG9ml5MOTN1RUtkMmV4cjQ

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On further investigation, the real problem is probably the vanishing waypoints- without any WPs, AUTO mode defaults to HOLD.

I’m going to close this topic and open a new one here: Waypoints deleted on entering AUTO mode