Waypoint Saving with APM 2.6

Just upgraded to 3.2.1 with an APM 2.6. With FW 3.1.5 using Mission Planner (~1.3.28) I could save a set of waypoints to my FC via USB and it would remain saved. Now with FW 3.2.1 and MP 1.3.40 I can write the .waypoints to the FC, read it back correctly, but the waypoints are lost if I disconnect the FC from USB / power.

If I keep the FC powered, both with USB AND onboard battery the waypoints are preserved after disconnecting the USB, but then again lost after powering down the FC. Is this normal for the limited capabilities of APM2.6? I disabled logs just to see if that would help, but no.

Just as a side-note, in case the APM has lost the waypoints and I hit FMode “automatic”, what happens, does the heli just sit where it is or is there some unexpected behaviour in store?!?

No, this is not a limitation.
Can you actually enable logging and it stays enabled after removing power and reconnecting?

And it is an actual APM2.6 in a case resembling this?
(2.6/2.8 very similar)

Tx for the reply pmshop!

On the first 3 or 4 trial flights with the new FW I was just adjusting some things, so didn’t notice the waypoint save problem. During these flights I had whatever logs were default enabled - most of them I guess - and yes, after landing and powering off, I could later get the logs via USB. Didn’t have to re-enable them, for 4-5 flights logs remained enabled automatically as they were in 3.1.5

Hard to say which APM it is, I’d have to do some major work to find out - it’s a TREX500 with all the electronics crammed inside. I did originally buy one from 3DR, a 2.5, but I’m pretty sure the one in question is a “genuine clone” 2.6 that I bought later, and which appeared to be an exact copy of the 3DR board-wise (except without compass). Never noticed any problem or shortcoming with 3.1.5 on this APM.

But is logging still enabled after power is disconnected and reconnected with 3.2.1?
Reason I ask, back when I flew CX-20 with a 2.5.2APM, there was an issue with me at least that after I upgraded to 3.2.1, I lost logging.
I know I may hit arguments with others but I read a while back somewhere that upgrading to 3.2.1 increases the clock frequency of the APM.
On some APMs, specifically 2.5.2, this higher clock frequency would burn out the 3.3v regulator on the APM.

Result: Logging would not remain enabled and/ or error messages “No data flash inserted” or something to that effect.

The argument: This frequency increase is not documented in any change log for 3.2.1.

Now for your case, if it will not hold a mission, test to see if it holds logging enabled.
It is possible that it uses the same flash to store logs/ mission commands.

Just a wild guess though.

Logging was already enabled for the first flight after FW upgrade, and STAYED enabled for the next 2-3 flights until I disabled it from complete settings. Powering down after each flight of course. I’ve heard of several ways the 3.3v reg can blow, but never had the problem.

OK, so try wiping out the firmware by loading any other model, other than your actual model.
Wait 30 seconds after the load, disconnect and power down.
Reconnect the craft and load the proper firmware.
Wait another 30 seconds and disconnect.

Change what settings you customized if they changed and try again.
There is a slim chance the firmware got corrupted when you upgraded.
This will make sure the firmware is installed properly.

Hmmm, OK, I can try that but first:
I’m wondering whether I got the final 3.2.1 .hex for trad copter - I usually DL FWs and install them directly, rather than over ineternet since my connection here way out in the stix is shaky. What I loaded was a .hex from my local collection in a folder called
the .txt with it was:
commit 36b405fb0b2b3ef77952e8c9f170dbcf1976cb30
Author: Randy Mackay
Date: Wed Feb 11 12:11:01 2015 +0900
Copter: version to AC3.2.1
APMVERSION: ArduCopter V3.2.1
it was 678,775bytes.

I also have "apm2-heli-hil"
commit 36b405fb0b2b3ef77952e8c9f170dbcf1976cb30
Author: Randy Mackay
Date: Wed Feb 11 12:11:01 2015 +0900
Copter: version to AC3.2.1
APMVERSION: ArduCopter V3.2.1
this one is 673,396bytes

@pmshop where did you find that image? I’ve been looking everywhere for something like that.

I only use what I can download from Mission Planner.
Safer that way.
Unless there is special circumstances.
Like my FrSky X9R Rx module trying to send telemetry through a special cable from the PixHawk FC.
Manufacturer of the cable recommends their custom APM FC firmware to get it going.

VERY extensive Google search back in the day.
HOWEVER, for me, the Tx/ Rx is swapped on the GPS.
GND and +5v is correct.
But I do not know what else is in error if any.

If I remember correctly, I was looking for the Lights/ buzzer connections only.

DLd much FW and MP versions here:
Don’t think you would have doubts about the source.

From checking, it appears commit 36b405f Feb 11 2015 IS the final version.

But what’s the “apm2-heli-hil” FW version?

Yes, great source.
It is what MP pulls from.

But you got me when it comes to the “apm2-heli-hil” version.
I even tried to match version by version on MP and could not.

Yeah I just did the same last night and then stumbled across your post this AM. Do you know if the jumper has to be in place to use external compass? Some places say move it like your diagram shows, some say remove it altogether.

Yes sir!
I have had no issues placing the jumper on EXT and I have been building them for close to a year now.

Awesome, thanks. I’ve had this fleabay APM 2.8 for close to 6 months now, I just stumbled across that jumper and its meaning last night. I haven’t tested it yet but I have a feeling I will have a lot better luck with my compass now. This whole time I thought I just had a crappy compass/gps module.

Well, I had to give up of FW 3.2.1 for APM2.6. I was looking forward to Pos Hold flight mode, but further testing showed that not only did the APM/Mission Planner fail to save a waypoint set past power shutdown to the APM, but also, curiously, some parameters refused to be saved, but not most of them. I could not save any change to log bitmask, nor a value of 0 for time to hover above home in RTL, and a couple of others as well. Too weird for me, seems to show APM is at or past its limits with FW 3.2.1

Note that after reverting to 3.1.5 all works again as it should. Waypoints can be saved, all paarameters are changeable and are saved.

That is really weird - sorry to hear that.

Think I just blew the 3.3 as well!
So… graduating to PixHawks on everything.