Best version for traditional helicopter on APM

Hello All,

I’m using an APM 2.5.2 from rctimer (with the compass jumper cutted) and i’m trying to setup with a trex clone from mistery. I Upgrated the rudder servo to a digital one from copterX and the cyclic servos to metal servos but analogics. I would like to know what’s the best version for APM and a trex 450 clone. And if someone can send me the parameters file of one of those that is flying well I would be very happy.

Thank you all!!

I think you will be limited to 3.2.1 because of the Flight Controller. You will have to tune it yourself.

David R. Boulanger

Is there an auto tune as in the multirrotor?

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I don’t believe it works for a Traditional Heli.

David R. Boulanger

Nope, no Autotune for Helis.

Hi Rob,
You mean I can’t have an autonomus flight with heli via APM card ? Since I can’t have autotune and as far as I know it is a mandatory phase. The other question is; do you know something to use spektrum DX8 RC controller in X-plane via connection of APM and receiver? I have a connection but commands haven’t passed correctly to X-plane10. So need some calibration?.. Thanks, Regards.

You can definitely have autonomous flight with Ardupilot on a Helicopter. There is no auto-tune required for this, but it does require the user to manually tune the Rate PID parameters.

In my experience, FW3.2.1 may or may not work ok on APM. Problems with waypoint saving, parameter saving, etc. on a TREX500.
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