Waypoint radius: centimetric accuracy

hi everybody,
My aim is to execute a padding field scan with an autonomous rover. I want to follow lines with centimetric precision:
with a python script i create the mission plan file using lat long position with 9 decimal degrees… then i upload via mission planner the mission.
I would like to know ho to set WP RADIUS equals to 5 centimeters. Is this possibile?
than you in advance for your support

Which GPS and FC are you using for your purpose? Will depend a lot on that

ardusimple simpleRTK2B V3. it is an RTK GPS. As FC I am using Cuav V5nano!
hope to hear from you soon.

If your GPS supports 5cm accuracy. WPNAV_RADIUS parameter supports range as below

WPNAV_RADIUS: Waypoint Radius

Defines the distance from a waypoint, that when crossed indicates the wp has been hit.

Increment Range Units
1 5 - 1000 centimeters

I have never tried keeping WP radius this low. Do let us know how it turns out

Happy Flying!
Shubham Thakur