Waypoint altitude response

I have some missions coming up that have significant altitude changes throughout. Some are due to steeply rising terrain. So I need some verification on how AC responds to altitude changes in waypoints.

  • Does the climb/descent begin as soon as it passes the prior waypoint?

  • Is the climb/descent rate based only on the WP_Nav up/down parameters? Is there any means to change the vertical speed during the mission?

  • If there isn’t enough time reach the WP altitude before reaching the waypoint, will it continue climbing/descending until it does?

  • If the next WP has another altitude change, will it give up on the altitude it didn’t reach and begin going for the next new altitude?

  • Is there any such functionality where AC will calculate a vertical speed based on the current vs desired altitude, Nav speed, and distance between waypoints? I believe that is a no. But it would be spectacular!

  • Does planning the mission with absolute altitude work on the Solo’s fork of AC (3.2 I think).

  • Does absolute get translated back to relative prior to upload? Or is there a bit in the mission that tells AC these attitudes are reletive/absolute?

  • If you have MP set for feet rather than meters, is it getting translated to meters when uploaded to AC?

  • Unrelated to altitude, but needed for planning vertical rates… Is the distance displayed in MP taking into account the spline curvature? Or is it just the straight line distance between points?

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