WARNING: dronekit: Link timeout, no heartbeat in last 5 seconds ERROR

I’m using Jetson Nano and Orange Cube. I get this error when I try to run DroneKit. can you help me

What is the content of the hello.py? Seems like you don’t have a connection with your flight controller. Can you connect to the flight controller with MAVProxy?

I can connecting the Mavproxy and changing modes

This code is for connecting to simulated vehicle. Remove parts related with sitl and provide the appropriate connection string for your serial connection used for MAVProxy to connect to your vehicle.

Whenever I try to connect, I encounter meaningless expressions like in the photo.


So for dronekit-python, the below is bare minimum:

import dronekit
vehicle = dronekit.connect(ip="/dev/ttyAMA0", baud=921600, wait_ready=True)

If the above is not working, the problem is your configurations:

  1. Connection string (device link) is wrong.
  2. Baud rate is wrong (on the flight controller or in your connection string or both).
  3. Current user does not have privileges for serial connections.
  4. Something is wrong with serial configurations of your computer (especially on single board computers).

Those have meanings, you just can’t read them. Run set shownoise false on MAVProxy to not see them.

I checked all of them but I couldn’t find the solution, my main problem is like this right now.

Follow the replies of mine in this topic:

Instead of arm binary, download the binary in here.