WARNING! Blheli32 dshot 150 AC 3.6.9

I don’t know if I’m wrong or it’s a bug in the arducopter code. I have 4 esc blheli32 set in dshot 150 so they do not need calibration, they are connected respectively on the aux outputs 1,2,3,4, on the configurator blheli32 suite is flagged it allows calibration by radio control. I simulated the calibration from the remote control, the fly controller entered the registration mode, as soon as I activated the safety switch the motors started at full power. If the escs are configured in dshot and do not need calibration, this should not happen, it is also true that the mistake was mine because I did this maneuver without removing the propellers just because I trusted a machine. Always pay attention !!! Now I turn to the more experienced, is this normal?