VTX power table from source code does not include my vtx’s available power

It’s the first time for me using an analogue vtx.

In the other post I have managed to get my vtx controlled by fc, with the help from andy. But I still can’t get the fc to correctly set its power level. After reading the source code (I’m not sure if I’m understanding the source code correctly), I found that my vtx is not in the power table from code. I’m thinking if I need to modify the code and compile my own firmware or is there still some setting I didn’t get right.

Foxeer reaper infinity 5w vtx, IRC Tramp protocol. I have set half-duplex on the uart and I can control its frequency and band, and by changing band using buttons on my vtx, fc parameter do get updated.

However, I have set max_power to 5000 but when I change vtx_power to 5000, it always reset itself back to 1000. OSD shows 800mw when vtx_power is 1000 and vtx light shows itself at 5000. Changing vtx_power parameter does not cause vtx to change power level based on the light from it.

When using a 6-pos channel(1000-2000pwm) osd shows it only switches between 0-25-400. But 25 and 400 isn’t even an option for my vtx.

Have you found a solution to this problem?
I think your problem is the same as mine.