VTOL tricopter Y3

hi guys,
i stared to work on new project with vtol tri configuration.conventional tri (i.e 2 motors front and one motor back) the front two motors acts as a vectored yaw and the rear one motor acts as vectored pitch in copter mode.when it transform to plane mode the front to tilt to front side acts as a puller and the rear one to the back acts as a pusher motor.first plane mode the front two motors gives the thrust,in second plane mode the rear motor gives the thrust and in third mode all three together gives the thrust.i installed v4.0.5 plane mode firmware and gone through few parameters but i have not seen vectored pitch and how to configure the above plane flight modes.can some one suggest me to configure.thank you

What are your current parameters?
If by “vectored pitch” you mean using rear motor thrust to aid in pitch control, that is always active in VTOL modes.
Currently, all tilting motors will be used for thrust in FW modes. If you don’t want the rear motor running in FW modes, then you can specify it as non-tilting using q_tilt_mask.

Q_frame_class = 7
Q_frame_type= 0
Q_tilt_mask= 7

i want the rear motor also to run but only in one of the flight mode and in the same way in anther flight mode only the rear motor and in another flight mode all there together has to run.

I think this should be 41 for motor tilt

And as I said above, parameter Q_tilt_mask specifies motors which tilt and run in FW modes.
I believe you will need to set it to 3 if you don’t want the rear motor running in FW and to 11 if you do.
As far as I know the only way to change that in flight would be to use a GCS to change the parameter value.

i dont know what should be servo_function_7= ?.i want it to be tilt motor rear and this should act as a vectored pitch.i have 3 independent servos to move in FW mode.
can we change Q_tilt_mask value by creating 3 modes forward flight mode. FW 1 mode Q_tilt_mask=8,FW 2 mode Q_tilt_mask=3,FW 3mode Q_tilt_mask=11

yes,i specified Q_tilt_mask=7 it should be 11.

how to enable vectored pitch?i have not seen any parameters for vectored pitch like how it is there for yaw.

I thought I already answered your questions about “vectored pitch” and flight modes:

I also said to use servo7_function=41… Where did you find the servo_function value of 45? I don’t see it defined in 4.0.5.

Demo of SITL flight with the suggested parameters:

We’re doing a similar thing! If you want to discuss ideas or questions feel free!

lots of love

Thanks for the video kd0aij,the problem is I am new to the VTOL parameters,so I am not about to set this what u have suggested for tilt motor pitch and fw modes.is it possible for you to set the parameters.that would be more helpful.
Thank you .

Oh good know about it.the requirements and the problems are already specified.if you have any idea suggest me.
Thank you.

I don’t understand what you are asking for.
And you didn’t answer my questions.

This is the configuration I am looking for.

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Then you’re not using ArduPlane 4.0.5 and I can’t help you.

With arduplane 4.0.5 can we set rear tilt rotor for pitch vector?

Perhaps you should be talking to Kris?

He is not responding.

I’m beginning to understand why :slight_smile:


May be he don’t want to share his effort.:joy::joy:

I am working on his configuration with edfs.

Bonjour Ravi_K, Félicitation pour votre travail Y3. Moi aussi, je suis intéressé par un projet identique : Convertir mon Skyhunter (1800) en VTOL Y3, sur le même principe que le Skywalter X8.
Mais comme je suis débutant en programmation Arduplane, je suivrais vos échanges à distance … merci.

Hi Ravi K and Guy’s I also am in the process of building the same kind of vehical a vtol 3 Y full tilt motor configuration… I a NewBee and I’m looking at hardware, I need some one to check my shopping list… I would some feed back on this… And then there the set up and programing… If any one can give me some direction that would be great I’m looking at the sky walker X8 plane…