VTOL tilt rotor without using moving aerodynamic surfaces

I want to make a VTOL with tilt rotor but without moving aerodynamic surfaces (flaps, elevator, etc), but I have some doubts that I would like to solve.
The structure is a quadplane with 4 rotors. The tilt of the two rotors on the right are controlled with the same servo and those on the left with another servo. The rotors are inverted, the rear ones pointing up and the rear ones pointing down. The configuration is the one shown in the following link but without moving aerodynamic surfaces. (I am not the author of the video)

Would it be possible to pitch with tilt rotor and control the power of the motors? For example, if I want to raise the nose I increase power on the front motors and lower power on the rear motors, in addition to helping with vector tilt.

Thank you very much for the help.