VTOL problem with altitude priority in AUTO

I’m having altitude problems turing my first test mission with Skywalker X8 VTOL. Using 15’’ props
I’m using lightware lw20 lidar.
When using mission:
command 1- vtol takeoff to 1m
command 2- vtol landing
But the aircraft goes way too high, although sonar range + altitude in missionplanner seems to be okey.

  • one time before i took over by remote control, the aircraft started to pitch jerk.
    May the problem be, that I have overpowered system? my hover throttle is about 35%.

You should attach some .bin log to check what altitude is using the Autopilot.

https://ufile.io/isngj here is the BIN file, I hope its from the last short testing. I took over control from about 2m from the ground and landed by remote control