VTOL Nano Talon: Oscillation Troubleshooting

Good morning. I’m attempting to build one of these: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=nano+talon+VTOL&type=things&sort=relevant; however, I cannot get it to a stabilized hover, as its oscillations are terrible. Listed below is the build:

  • Nano Talon
  • Matel F405W
  • Matek MQ8 - 5883 GPS
  • RFD900+
  • 2206 kV Motors
  • 3" Diameter Propellers ( Inverted Mount )
  • 3D Printed Parts ( PLA)
  • Carbon Fiber Rod
  • 4 - 1 ESC
  • Flat Wing Modification Installed
  • 3S 3300 Mah Battery

Everything is programmed and functional. Motors spin in the right directions and are in the correct order. The motor mounts are completely straight and aligned. I’m also running a flat wing modification too, utilizing Arduplane with the “Q” setup. Receiving true and accurate telemetry too. When conducting a hover check, the aircraft is extremely unstable with oscillations. I was reading about lowering the “Q” PID values. Any suggestions on how to stop it from wobbling and oscillating? Once I can get it to stop “wobbling,” I will be able to finally fly it. I hope to hear from you soon.

Looks like I’m two years too late, but I had to half the Q PIDs 3 times before oscillations stopped with mine. I’m running 5x5x3 props.