VTOL -- freeman2100 vertical take-off and landing fixed wing +pixhawk

You can buy the Believer kit from Banggood here, or through Taobao here,and then buy the Freeman 2300 Kit.

Freeman 2100 Configuration List.pdf (74.7 KB) Freeman 2300 Configuration List.pdf (74.9 KB)
自由者2100用户手册(User manual for freeman2100) V1.0.pdf (871.5 KB) 自由者2300用户手册 (User manual for freeman2300)v1.0.pdf (1001.9 KB)
I am very sorry that I have just uploaded the detailed configuration list. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is 2565710339@qq.com


Mr. Chang,

Thank you for posting the Configuration List that matches the Taoboa options. It would appear that the following summary can be seen from the Configuration List.

  • Freeman 2300 is the newer version of the 2100.
  • KIT Version contains just the Flying Platform
  • PNP Version contains the Flying Platform and Power system
  • Standard Version contains the Flying Platform, Power system, Flight Control system, Data Transmission system, and the Image system.


I assumed the 2100 and 2300 referred to wingspan but maybe not.

Did you order the kit?

Mr Chang, are you using a version of the Pixhawk? Which one? I plan to use the Pixhawk Cube? Will you share your parameter file.

Also, I will likely use an Sony A6000 camera. Can the A6000 be mounted on the mount provided in the RTF version? Can this be order separately?

Thank you,


This is true but there are additional differences like slight changes in the arm foldout, landing legs, etc.

Yes, but it was the older Freeman 2100 Kit from MakeFlyEasy.

Look what arrived today?! :slight_smile: Since the flying season is all but over in Upstate NY, this will become my winter project. I haven’t decided if I will use the recommend electronics or use electronics that I have on-hand and successfully tested in other VTOLs. The Freeman is essentially a Believer with very well designed VTOL additions so it inherits all those good qualities previously reviewed. Although designed as a mapping plane, it can also be DIYed (yeah, that’s a verb now :slight_smile: ) to add gimbal controlled video and a transmitter link for FPV. The VTOL additions eliminate hand-tossed launches and smooth field landings. One of my favorite stock Believer reviews is from Arxangel here. Nikola goes above and beyond normal reviews with plenty of build photos and suggestions.


Thanks for the steer to the Arxangel review. I saw it last year after the demise of my FF6. Great review, but this blog is the one that convinced me to purchase a believer.

My plan (perhaps a bit ambitious) it to make this a mapping drone with a sony A6000 and a high precision GNSS aided IMU for direct referencing. According to my research (lore) you can significantly reduce the overlap when direct referencing. I haven’t done the math yet but I am hoping to get 1,000 acres in one flight with a 15mm lens.

I have a bunch of parts left over from my FF6 and a failed attempt at making a VTOL. I haven’t decided if I will buy the kit or PNP version. I think it depends on the wiring. Is the kit prewired for the ESCs? When you get a chance I would love to see a few more pics.




Yes, Nate’s blog was a great review comparison. The KIT version has no pre-wiring. It just contains the wires for the builder to assemble. I am not sure what comes wired, if anything, in the PNP version. If I had to guess, I would say that the PNP version additionally contains the power system components unwired.

So at least we know that the KIT and PNP versions contain the Believer plane. The only parts that have been pre-assembled are the VTOL tubes with their elbow joints on the wings. The wings have also been reinforced with carbon tubes and a plastic wrap added to the top and bottom surfaces between the tubes and fuselage. This makes them very strong and different than the stock Believer wings. It appears that my wingspan is still 2100mm long. The elbow joints are top notch…good quality and good assembly!

At first glance, there are similar setup considerations to the Nimbus VTOL. Both have different motors up front and use higher pitch props for efficiency in forward flight. The dual QuadPlane motors in the rear will provide greater hovering stability in windy conditions.

Hi @makeflyeasy

Can you let us know where the CG is supposed to be? I assumed it may be similar to the Believer (1.5cm towards the back of the center of front carbon rod)

Looks like the plane you received still has the older screw-type locks for the folding arms. Be careful with tightening those down, they can come loose during flight if they aren’t tight enough.

The newer version (I guess only the 2300?) should have clip-type locks, going by the pictures on taobao. It would be nice if they went to the clip-types for both the 2100 and the 2300, though.


The CG won’t change for a VTOL so the Freeman CG is the same as the Believer CG.


Yes, that’s correct. I have the older screw-type locks. Thanks for the heads-up!

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I followed Nikola’s blog for installing the parts before gluing the wing halves together. Notice that only one wing adapter is glued on so that the internal carbon tubes can be installed after the halves are glued together.

I decided to order the suggested four EMAX ES3054 servos from ReadyMadeRC because my experience with the Nimbus VTOL showed that it can add a good amount of work to make other servos fit the precise areas designed for the EMAX ES3054 servo. In Nikola’s blog, he created new parts with a 3D printer. So far, every piece has fit perfectly!


I tried to order the 2300 kit and 2300PNP from your website. The website doesn’t seem to be working. Nothing happens when I click on Add to Cart or Buy Now buttons.

How can I purchase these items.




Have you created an account at Taobao and logged in?

no I haven’t done that. Google is only translating part of the website so I can’t readily determine where or how to log in.

Thanks Greg.


Looking at the Freeman 2100 and 2300 power systems, there are similarities with both the Nimbus 1800 VTOL and DJI “Spreading Wings” S900 Hexacopter. For the Freeman 2100, only the prop sizes and battery capacity change from the Nimbus (in addition to a quad configuration). For the Freeman 2300, there is additional wingspan, larger battery capacity, and larger props. The Freeman 2300 is meant for carrying a heavier payload.

The reason I mention the similarity with the DJI S900 is that I have two spare arms and props, one CW and one CCW. These contain the integrated motors and ESCs, so I may try to mount these on the rear carbon tubes which are also the same size as the Freeman 2100/2300.

Nimbus VTOL Parts:

Freeman 2100 Parts:

Freeman 2300 Parts:

DJI S900 Parts:

  • Battery setup - 6s 22AH
  • All motors - 4114 400kv Pro Brushless Motor
  • All props - 15x5.2 CW and CCW folding

Thanks Greg.

I had a SW 800 but sold it a few years ago. Fortunately, I have plenty of components around my house. Looking forward to reading your updates and picking your brain as I go through the build.



After much frustration I was able to create an account at Taobao. I found my items, figured out how to add my shipping address and clicked Settlement. I entered my CC information several times. They were all denied. How did you pay? Any suggestons?



From your Account, select “Bank Card Management” in AliPay. I think you can also use PayPal but it seems you have to set up your security credentials first. I have asked Mr. Chang to help out but you may want to e-mail him at 2565710339@qq.com.

Initially, I thought that this kit would take much longer to assemble but it went much faster in part to Arxangel’s review and due to the precision fit of all the pieces. Further, the VTOL section of the wing comes pre-assembled which allowed me to simply snap everything together for these photos. One difference I noticed was that my locking hooks mounted to the wings and tail are now made from aluminum, not plastic as in ArxAngle’s review. All my gluing was done using clear Beacon Foam-Tac.

The metal hooks are a fairly recent update to the MFE aircraft, and they seem to fit better than the plastic ones did. I have had issue with the spring-catches not seating in all of the way on my plastic hook airframes, but the metal hooks always seem to click in place easier.

Foam Tac is definitely a good choice for assembling these. I’ve tried CA glues and different Epoxies, but Foam Tac adheres to the foam much better than those.

One place to pay careful attention to during assembly is the glue joint for the V-tail/servo holders to the fuselage. In my experience, the plastic parts don’t perfectly interface with the foam, leading to a relatively small contact area for the glue to work on if you don’t use enough. Checking those glue joints is also an important thing to have on your pre-flight checklists, if you use one.

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Thanks Greg. I must be missing something because my credit card is denied each time. I’ve contacted Mr. Chang three times. I am hoping he chimes in soon.

Nice to know it went together quicker than expected…pretty unusual in this hobby.