Vtol delivery wing

Hello, I think this is the right topic for my question.

I want to build a tailsitter aircraft like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NpDK9-1fX0

I was wondering if it is possible to make a “quad” tailsitter wing with the APM software. And if it is possible, which setting do I have to use - it was a bit unclear to me which possibilities I had.

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The vtol code is part of plane firmware so I’ve moved this.
A short answer: yes, entirely possible!

I read the documentation and i have a few questions. Can you make a “non-vectored” tailsitter that uses 4 motors to fly? Like the one google has made?

Yes. Easiest way is just treat the two motors on each wing as if they were one (y-lead or duplicate servoN_function). Then set up as a twin tailsitter.

The issue I have is that the non-vectoring design seems very lazy and non-agile. I would like to have it fly like a normal quad in vertical flight and fly like a 4-motor wing in level flight. I don’t want it to use elevons to stabilize in quad-mode - I want it to use the motors like a traditional quad. Is this an option with apm?

That’s different to the google layout. Check out XPlusOne. It’s basically a quadcopter with wings, no control surfaces.

Ahh okay! I thought the google drone was like described and not a non-vectored tailsitter. Thank you for the help. Ill build one soon xD

Also this: http://www.cargocopter.be/

Can you help me setup the Pixhawk for this type of aircraft? I’m wondering which kind of frame type to use and how the different servos and motors will connect to the Pixhawk. I am also interested to know how it stabilizes itself. Does it use differential thrust, thrust vectoring, control surfaces etc.

I need some more information, specifically which design choices you’ve made (if any). Send me a PM if you don’t want to post it publicly (although it’s better here in the forum so others can help too).

Let’s just keep the conversation on this thread because I think it can help other people as well.

I’ve made a YouTube video that shows the aircraft:

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Cool! Great decision to go for vectored motors. I’m guessing you’re already working through http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/guide-tilt-rotor.html
and have devoured all the great knowledge in these threads: Building RealFlight8 Models
Dual-motor tailsitters

I have read the documentation, but I am confused to which combination of settings I have to choose. My aircraft is a tailsitter with 2 vectored motors and 2 elevons. I would think that the motors would have to be on their own separate channel. Can you help figure out how this should be set up?

Quote from this page: http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/guide-tailsitter.html

“The tailsitter backend is a bit unusual, as it is the only Q_FRAME_CLASS setting that doesn’t have any motors associated with it. The way the backend works is that it provides roll, pitch, yaw and thrust values to the fixed wing control code. These values then control your ailerons, elevons, elevators, rudder and motors.”

Does that mean that you can use any number of motors in any configuration?

Thank you for the link to that other thread. I’ll go get a drink and then read all 800+ posts :slight_smile: It seems that I’ve been the right thing up until this point :slight_smile:

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