VOXL with ardurover EK3 issue

We try to use VOXL with last ardurover 4.2.

We have good communication between rover and voxl cam.

We get issue caused by the EK3 standard setup.

Can you please help us to set EK3, for it weigh at 100% voxl cam for position speed and yaw?

We standard setup we get to much deviations, instead the voxl position estimate is good.

Also we get ekf errors as soon as the rover make quick turns.

It seems like (we have disabled compass) ek3 continuous to weigh to much its gyros or accs.

as soon as the ek3 don’t follow that yaw angle gived by voxl, al the ek3 position estimate go wrong.

For that I think the issue is due to the EK3 standard setup.

Maybe you can help us? maybe tridge, has make many tests with voxl can help us or give us step by step help to make it work.

you can see our modalai forum post about this issue:

as we found the issue comme from ek3, the can’t help us more…

Kind regards.

Tridge, please give us support, you can contact us by MP please to find way to work together on this that can be usefull for all other people ?

below log last test:

maybe this can help?

At the end the yaw estimation goes bad… This can be due to EK3 setup? or this come frome the voxlcam qvio ?