VL53L1X Lidar in 3.7dev

3.7dev supports the VL53L1X Lidar.
Which number do i have do set for RNGFND_TYPE ?


16 I guess, if VL53L1X is the same protocol VL53L0X

Thank’s for your answer.
VL53L1X has not the same protocol as VL53L0X. That’s the reason, why L0X is supported in 3.6, VL53L1X in 3.7
But meanwhile had a look on the code and you are probably right. They use the same number for those two lidar chips, but a different parameter is passed to the code, after the chip is recognized.
I’ll get a VL53L1X next week, we’ll see.

hi, are you sure of this? is it indeed supported? where did you see that?

looks like indeed it is. good news. i did not see that.

Yes, just look at the code.

But i have a major issue with 3.7: It doesn’t allow me to fly higher than RNGFND_MAX, even if the rangefinder (so far a VL53L0X) is disabled. That means: I can’t fly higher than 120cm and that’s not nice !

Posted a log in another thread, perhaps you can tell me, what’s wrong.

Btw: VL53L0X works great (indoor Loiter with PMW3901, …) so i’m really excited to test VL53L1X

Yes VL53L1X is detected automatically when setting to VL53L0X.
This is an indoor device as it is quite sensible to direct sunlight, it is a good match for the PMW3901

has anyone played w/ various optical filters to get better outdoor performance?

I wonder if a simple uv filter would solve that. But, i did not try yet. I have it so will try, some time next week.

Watching Randy’s video about this sensor, i would say, it’s outdoor performance is quite good !

Are you referring to a test with the VL53L1 ? , if affirmative please share link

No, i referred to the PMW3901

Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to quote “pmw3901”. I was talking about the VL53L1. I edited my post above to remove the quote.

Perhaps with no sunlight.

From this:
…, it’s an indoor sensor. We didn’t intend it that way, it’s just physics.

The sensor outputs an eye-safe laser light. If you could see it, it would be about as bright as a common Red LED on must electronics.

Outdoors we go up against the sun. Which generates a ton of 940nm light. (Oddly, there is not as much 940nm as the visible frequencies, but still a lot.)…

Its documentation should make clear that VL53L0X and VL53L1X are indoor sensors.